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.Thursday, May 14, 2009 ' 4:56 AM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Hello peeps !

woke up late, jump out of bed and started to rush for things as i've got a test :(
only to find out when i reach school the test was at 9.15am =.="
when to com and started to listen to musics while editing photos in photoshop :)
at 9.00am when we were having our briefing, the noisy alarm when off .
don't know what stupid fire drill !!! waste my time . somemore so hot .
15 mins later when back to class (finally got aircon) for test :D
omg ! i dont really know how to do the settings for my camera :(
nvm examiner ask me just do with what i have . LOL ;p
took shoots of some mannequins . freaking piss off with my work .
did not know that i can actually move the mannequins .
just have to do with what i have :B
class ended at 12.00pm . went home to watch ToGetHer
LOL !!!!!!! fell asleep halfway :P woke up at 6pm . eat dinner while watching ToGetHer again :B
Now here is Jemuel posting but maybe ? going out soon to meet friends ? bathroom here i come

I was looking up at the stars
And giving them each a reason why i love you
I was doing great until i ran out of stars

.Sunday, May 10, 2009 ' 11:13 PM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Happy Mother's Day

Woke up at 12pm . Very tired after ton :p
Anyway meet Shane & Helena at 5plus .
Bus-ed down to iluma to look at the necklace i'm getting for my mum :D
Found a nice one, but they say have to go PS collect ! haizzz
No choice went to eat then bus-ed down to PS to collect it :B
Slack-ed awhile then went home at 9plus lerhx :)

*P.S. sorry mummy for the late gift && all the times when i make you worried about me, i promise to be a better boy :)

All i know is that i'm lost without you
I'm not gonna lie
How i'm gonna be strong without you
I need you by my side
If we ever say we'll never be together and we ended with goodbye
Don't what i'll do ... i'm lost without

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passerby: sorry nop .

.Wednesday, May 6, 2009 ' 6:04 AM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Tuesday, 05 May
Went off for school at 12.30pm . Was late again =.=" omg !
Reach class did some paper work then went off for make-up ;p Hiak Hiak
At about 3pm went down studio for photo shoot . And i seriously sucks at being a model :(
My classmate Cleo another model was much better ! and was pretty too :)
After shooting individual shots, Cleo and i had to do couple shots ;p
My god ! had to carry her and my hands can't take it :( haha !

1 hour later we finish it . Yay !
I did not know why ? but i just took the dress that Cleo was wearing it for the shoot and wore it .
My other classmates saw it and one of them help me re make-up and put a ribbon on my head :B
O man . i really do look like a girl !!! (Was for fun only !!! don't mistake im not a g@y or what)
Camwhored with classmates and took many class photos . Shall post the photos when i get it from them tml .
About 6+pm we left the studio already
Walk-ed to AMK hub slack-ed awhile then went home to bath and headed to Clark Quay to ton with friends :D

Wednesday, 06 May
Train-ed home at 7plus .
Bath-ed and rush down to one marina boulevard for some job recruitment event :)
Wow ! so much interesting things i learn about Ion Orchard .
They say i had to go down on friday for some service booster workshop .
Cant wait to faster start work earn money !!! *TskTsk*
It ended at 11plus i guess . Bought lunch went home watch teevee and use computer :p
And here i am posting but going to watch teevee again cause i promise Yuting i pei her watch :)

And thank you Yuting Cute's' Copyright and my for helping me post the first post and my Sister for guiding me to make this blog possible :)

.Saturday, May 2, 2009 ' 1:49 AM Y
& your love is all i ever wanted

Cute's' copyright aye.
LOL, you this idiot. haha, go out dontwant post. !
nevermind, i post for you, idiot :B
I good canzxc ! LOL.

ahhlaaalaaa,byebye. faster come back from your church :B

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